New Water Service

Service: Residential or Commercial

Obtaining New Service

To obtain new service, complete and sign a new service application at City Hall. Be sure to bring your driver’s license and your telephone number with you to set up your service.

New Service Connection Deposit

A Service Connection Fee Deposit shall be due before the water meter is turned on for new service and it must be paid at City Hall to initiate your account. Additional fees may apply for non-standard-sized meters and new meters. Cash is not accepted at City Hall to setup your account. The costs are as follows for a standard service connection:

  • $150 for non-owner property (lease and rental)
  • $100 for owner property

Water bills are due on the 15th of the month. Late charges are added on the 16th and past-due notices are mailed on the 17th.

The cost to install a new standard water meter is currently $10,000. Details regarding our water rates are reflected in our City Ordinance that can be found under Water Rates. Non-standard meter sizes are discussed and handled on a one-off basis at City Hall.

Ending Your Service

Contact City Hall when moving to end your service and be sure to pay your final bill.

The Utility Service Deposit or a portion thereof will be paid to the customer when final service is rendered, provided the final bill has been paid or after the deposit has been applied toward the final bill. Please be sure to provide us with your forwarding address to ensure your service is ended properly.

Reconnection Fees

In the event a customer’s water service is terminated for non-payment, to re-establish the customer’s account, a reconnect fee of $35 shall be required prior to service reconnection.